Our Produce

The team at Asador 44 sources the finest produce from Wales and Spain, impeccably prepared and cooked over charcoal with beautiful simplicity. The finest ingredients from Spain are the basis of the menu and are complemented by seasonal local produce on the ever-changing menu. The aim is to bring the customer a source of ingredients unrivalled in the UK.


Large bone-in steaks of revered old Galician and Asturian cattle are cut daily from the on-show dry ageing cabinets. Served classically rare and sliced with a smokey sea salt crust, these steaks are big, wonderful for sharing. Lomo bajo is the sirloin of 9 year old Asturian ex-dairy cow, and Rubia Gallega chuletón the rib of 10 year old Galician blonde, 45 day dry aged.

The kitchen team also work very closely with local farmers and butchers on projects ageing primal cuts of British and Welsh rare breeds to dry age in house.

Picanha steak, a 40 day dry aged rump cap, from locally farmed Welsh Black cattle, Asturian onglet and denver steaks are also firm favourites on the menu. Pyrenean leg of milk fed lamb is slow roasted and served whole, ideal for two as is the ever-popular classic Segovian suckling pig.


The world's finest prawns, the red Carabinero, are cooked simply over the charcoal and priced per prawn.

The king of the sea, whole turbot, is just stunning when cooked over cherry or orange wood. This is served to share, classically and simply, as you would enjoy in the Basque country.

Octopus, Welsh and British caught market fish are always changing on the main menu and on the daily market board.


We are extremely proud of our vegetables and vegetarian dishes here at Asador 44. Taking an equal-billing with the fish and meat, seasonal vegetables are heightened by cooking over wood.

Our escalivada is prepared by leaving aubergine, peppers and onions in the hot coals to slowly cook and infuse with flavour.

Charred Romanesco, Beetroot, Squashes and a plethora of Spanish and British seasonal legumes are always on the menu in some form, changing regularly.


The Asador 44 cheese-ageing room houses over 30 different Spanish cheeses and accompaniments. Customers are welcome to walk around with the staff and pick out their favourites.

We truly believe that we have a cheese to suit every palate, mild, creamy, strong and pungent. Most are only made in small batches, with interesting history and stories behind them and their producers, many of which we have taken time to go and meet to see their production and passion. A selection would be the perfect end to a meal at Asador 44.

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